My Story

Hello! I’m Brittany, a 30-something woman living in Dallas, Texas. I recently relocated back to the DFW area after spending what was supposed to be 2 but turned in to 10 years in Houston, and I’m so glad to be back! I recently made the decision to move on from corporate America so that I could put my focus on creating and living a life of peace and purpose, and that has also afforded me more time to focus on the things I love (including more snuggles with my pup Ruby!).

Speaking of, I love to cook, try new things and am on a mission to see the world. On this site you’ll find my easy, mostly healthy recipes (on the blog page), and my simple and honest travel guides to all the places I go. Follow me here to see how I try to live the life that most of us seek, and share the honest truth of my journey along the way.


My Mission

My aim in writing and sharing here is to show the more realistic side to food, wine and travel. I find that often times recipes get so complicated that they’ll deter someone who isn’t a Masterchef in the kitchen, and demotivate people from wanting cook and try new things. I hope to show you that the kitchen is a place for anyone. Same with travel. While I do love to look at the photos of the cutesy coffee shop, and the hotel with a beautiful floral arrangement in the lobby, what I really want to know when I’m planning to travel somewhere is "what life will be like while I’m there?” Hopefully through my guides you’ll get a sense of that. Please use the contact page if you have any comments, questions and suggestions. This site is a place for sharing and caring.

Xoxo, B

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