My Mission

My aim in writing this blog is to create a community of individuals who want to learn with me to live a life of peace, gratitude and happiness. There are so many ways to accomplish this, and I’ll work to share with you what I’m doing and learning along the way.


My Story

Hello! I’m Brittany, a 30-something woman living in Dallas, Texas. I recently relocated back to the DFW area after spending what was supposed to be 2 but turned in to 10 years in Houston, and I’m so glad to be back! I recently made the decision to move on from corporate America so that I could put my focus on creating and living a life of peace and purpose. I, like many people, suffer from anxiety, but I’ve learned that by being mindful of what goes in to your body you can work to eliminate those feelings. That of course means the food you eat but also what you feed your mind through reading and listening as well as what you feed your soul. For me that is traveling! Seeing the world and all that God has created gives me a sense of fulfillment and appreciation for things that we can so easily take for granted.


Next Steps...

If there is any area of your life in particular where you struggle to feel at peace, please let me know via the contact page, and I will post about it!