Amazon Kitchen Favorites

Everyone knows how much I love Amazon, so I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite kitchen items from Amazon! I spend a lot of (more than I would like to admit) my time trolling through reviews so I only share the best of the best!

Easy to use, easy to clean and only $15!
If you’re making salad dressings at home like I am, you need this. Only $14.99 on Amazon, AND there’s currently a $3 off coupon!
These stainless steel mixing bowls have over 4,000 positive reviews on Amazon, and you get SIX for only $24.99. I love them!
Literally just ONE of these is $15 at Target... on Amazon you get can all three for only $19.99! AND there’s a $2 off coupon. These work wonders at keeping produce fresh.
I am obsessed with this thing. Who doesn’t love breakfast sandwiches?! This would also make the perfect gift! It’s only $24.99.
If you don’t already have a vegetable chopper (or even if you do honestly) GET THIS ONE. It comes with 2 different chopping blades & two different spiral blades for just only $20. Mmmk sign me up!
I saw this a while back and fell in love! HOW FREAKIN HANDY?! Plus it’s easy to clean and holds more utensils than a spoon style rest. It’s $5.90. I mean come on... sold.
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