Food is fuel… and so much more!

In light of my post this morning regarding mental health, I thought I’d share a little about some of the things I eat on a regular basis, and what their benefits are. We see and hear so much about how food is fuel and it’s important to fuel your body with the best nutrients to maintain your health. What we don’t see as much of is how you can also fuel your mind with certain foods. Eating a diet rich in antioxidants is good for fueling your mind, improving your hormonal balance, and increasing your brain power.

If you’re anything like me a year ago, you might be thinking “antioxidants? like for your skin?” Or maybe that was just me? I grew up at the lake so taking care of my skin has been a high priority in recent years because I’ve got sun damage (!!). Now I’m #sunscreentilidie

Aaaanywayyyy, some of the main antioxidants that are super easy to incorporate (plus examples!) in to your diet are:

  • Vitamin A (carrots, kale, spinach, sweet potatoes, berries, eggs)
  • Vitamin C (oranges, kiwi, strawberries, green peppers, papaya, Brussels sprouts, broccoli)
  • Vitamin E (almonds, spinach, kale, avocado
  • Beta-carotene (carrots, sweet potatoes, kale, spinach, squash)
  • Magnesium (eggs, greens, nuts, avocado
  • Selenium (halibut, turkey, free-range chicken, eggs, grass-fed beef)
  • Melatonin (tart cherries, asparagus, broccoli, brown rice)

As you can see from the list, it truly is easy to eat for your body and mind at the same time. There are also a couple of other things you can look for such as omega-3 fatty acids (wild salmon, flaxseed, chia seeds) which has been shown to support memory loss and depression; tryptophan (turkey) which releases serotonin in to the body that helps support calmness (the reason you’re probably relaxed after that thanksgiving dinner!), and last a lesser known antioxidant, carcumin found in ginger and turmeric which help boost mood and decrease feelings of anxiety and depression. Rumor has it you can also use turmeric to bleach your teeth! If anyone has tried that let me know 🙂

I am not a doctor nor am I certified to say for sure what benefits you’ll see from consuming the above, but based on studies and my own experience I have seen a significant difference in my own mental health.

Is there anything you do daily to support your own mental health that you’d like to share?

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