My 2020 Goals

I said this on stories last week, but I love to start each new year with a set of specific things I want to accomplish within the year. Yesssss I know that goals can be set any time, but there’s just something about the start of a new year that gets me excited. It’s like when I was growing up, and I got to use my new notebook on the first day of school (hi- nerd here. I won’t say former because I still am LOL).

The most important thing about setting any goals/objectives for yourself at ANY point is to make sure they are specific… yes I’m talking SMART goals. I know this is something most people only hear in the work place, but the truth is that this is applicable in any aspect. If your targets/goals/objectives aren’t (1) specific, (2) measurable, (3) attainable aka… can you actually achieve it in a set timeframe, (4) realistic… aka can you actually achieve it at all, and (5) timed, then it will be difficult for you to actually achieve anything. The *timed* piece is so important because I think this is where so many people (myself included sometimes) fall short. Life is constantly passing us by, so if you don’t have an end date/target date on something you want to do, it will most likely not get done. It’s the same concept as meeting up with a friend, traveling/vacationing, etc. I’m sure you get the picture now 🙂


ANYWAYYYY… enough of the lecture (was that a lecture? it kinda felt like it idk haha). Here are MY goals for 2020:

  • Spend 15 minutes each day to learn conversational Spanish by EOY
  • Read 24 books (2/month)
  • Volunteer for the food bank once a month
  • Eat vegetarian one day a week
  • Yoga x1 a week
  • Stop checking email first thing in the morning (don’t check email until 7am at the earliest)
  • Mail 1 handwritten card to a loved one each month
  • Organize quarterly group effort to deliver food/necessities to homeless
  • Post on blog a minimum of 2x per week

I won’t go in to the details as to why I chose these as my goals for 2020 because I’m sure no one wants to be bothered with that nonsense. However, if you’re interested, feel free to hit me up!



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