New Years Day Menu

What’s on everyone’s New Years menu?? We had a tradition growing up to always eat pork (for progress in the new year), black eyed peas (for prosperity) and green cabbage (for good fortune). ***Recipes below!*** {Truth be told, I will eat any of these dishes year round because they’re so yummy and take only 30 mins to make all together!}

Pork tenderloins:
Take a pork tenderloin and clean up any fatty skin (the white part), and then slice in to 1-inch pieces. Using either a meat mallet, or by covering them in plastic wrap and smashing to half an inch thickness. Heat 4tbsp of butter and 2tbsp of olive oil over medium high heat. Salt & pepper the pork on both sides, then add pork, sage or thyme, and rosemary to the melted butter skillet. Brown the pork on both sides then transfer to a warming plate. Add 4 tbsp of butter to the hot skillet to create a sauce & drizzle over the pork.

Southern fried cabbage:
Chop up 2 cups of green cabbage, 1 c. white onion, and dice up 8 pieces of bacon. Cook the bacon in a non-stick skillet until crispy, then add the onions. Once the onions become transparent add the cabbage, and cook down until the cabbage is completely wilted. Season with salt and pepper and serve!

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